Scotlands Route 66A New Year and many people will be planning their 2018 trip and Holidays. Some will even be planning their Honeymoon or some romantic trip to somewhere well RomanticLike for example Italy's Amalfi Coast which is hugely popular and with good reason. It Has Picturesque towns cascading down mountainsides remote villages glorious food and wine and a stunning coast make this the coast one of Italy's most romantic and popular driving routesBut according to the Independent Newspaper another Romantic (to which i agree) is none other than our own North Coast 500. They start by saying you don't need to go to the other side of the world to enjoy a romantic road trip. Scotland's North Coast 500 is awash with stunning mountain views gorgeous bays historic places to stay and much moreAnd I agree so if your planning a romantic holiday then stay close to home we have it all and more to be honest. Even if understanding the locals may be as hard as it is in ItalyRead the Article