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Here's a few of the stories appearing in the Media of late that not necessarily NC500 stories but makes interesting readingObviously this week has seen us celebrate Burns Night and as normal it will be a good one

Outlander fans urged to pay Culloden ‘more respect’

The first story is one that will upset quite a few folk and it is regarding the amazingly successful TV series The Outlanders.  The Scotsman recently did an article accusing the Outlander fans and say they have been asked to pay more respect when visiting Culloden battlefield amid reports of selfie-taking and picnics at clan gravesBut concerns have been raised that the battlefield at Culloden which is a designated war grave is not being treated appropriately and if that is the case then apart from being very sad it is totally unacceptable

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Caledonia - a simple love song to Scotland

To me this is Scotland's songI spent many years away from Scotland and when I played this it really sent shivers through meThis is an article from the BBC all about the actual song and where Dougie Maclean got his inspiration for the now World Famous Scottish SongOver the years it has become part of Scotland's "common culture" often being talked about as a candidate for the national anthemAnd my Favourite line to me is the Best one is. Let me tell you that I love you and I think about you all the timeCaledonia you're calling me and now I'm going homeBut if I should become a stranger you know that it would make me more than sadCaledonia's been everything I've ever had

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or just watch the Master sing it instead

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Boy eight given own gritter after spending snow days clearing pavements

Finally a wee story from the Independent about an 8 years old boy from Kiltarlity near Inverness who was worried about folk falling on the snow and ice filled streets that he wanted to grit themKyle Mackay used his initiative to keep his neighbourhood snow-freeAs a reward for his efforts the youngster has now been given his very own salt spreader and a high-visibility jacket - both emblazoned with his name

gritter-kid snow

Kyle from the Highlands village of Kiltarlity was presented with a £788 gritter paid for by construction firm William Gray Construction

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