Pre Route Trip

All Trips should be planned in detail if they are to be successful. Every detail must be thought out and planned in advanced.Those who travel without a plan can expect things to go wrong and consequently suffer a disaterous trip.Therefore we at Scotlands Route 66 thought that won't be us every part of our trip should be planned down to the very last detail (Not).We have heard that the Route has so much to offer from its iconic scenery known throughout the World.Being in the Top Three Driving Routes in the World was another plus.Places to stay and places to eat and drink with a hospitality that is only be found in the Scottish Highlands.It has beaches that are possibly the best in the World some even make you assume your in the Caribbean albeit on a chilly day.

Therefore we thought how can we have a pre Route Tour.Where can we go to get an idea of what to expect on the Route.We could go to the Lake District but its scenery is nowhere near that of the Route so thats a no go.Maybe we could go to Ireland as it rains a lot there much like the West coast then we thought na whats the point of getting all wet through for nowt.So thats a no go too but I bet the Pubs in Ireland would have been good.Mhhhh back to the drawing board what and where could we go to find something that we can compare to on the route.Haaa a drive over some mountain pass maybe in Europe but then again if Brexit goes haywire and were stuck up a mountain in Italy we might not be allowed back into Blighty.Lord almighty fit can we do where can we go………….

That's it problem solved ……………am gonna go and sit on a beach for a fact finding trip and in fact it will involve quite a few beaches just to see if they live up to the ones we have on the route.Sadly someone has to be the guinea pig and to be forced for the sake of others to get the job done and travel to some of these places.So being the eldest here and in charge I have decided to do the investigative work myself.It will be extra work and it means I maybe offline for wee while but in the interest of making sure this site works like a well oiled machine I have accepted responsibility and shoulder the blame for all that goes wrong.THEREFORE PLEASE do not be alarmed if the site goes quiet between the 10th March and the 27th March.This period is how long it will take me to investigate the Beaches on the Caribbean Islands.Wee Hamish has had a Wee flying visit to check that my transport is okay for the 10th….Boy life can be tough at times

I will do my best to update my trip probably on the Facebook site as I wouldn't think the Wifi will be sufficient to upload to this website.Wee Hamish will do his best to keep things at this end running till my return.I may need a few days as I may well arrive back in UK tired Hungry and Cold……In The Meantime…………………..Best Pack my Bags…….. "