"Have ever thought of Selling your House and quiting your job and Leaving all your Friends behind as you drive off into the SunsetWell I heard about this couple of Adventurers David and Anne from Leeds. I thought how lucky can you be how brilliant to be so adventurous and just DO ITMe a Tad jealous your Dam RightThis couple started this a couple of months ago and have been keeping a blog about it from day oneTheir blog on it's own is well worth a readBut what makes it even better now is that they are about to embark on another journey The North Coast 500How will they cope with the roads only time will tell but I certainly wish it is a journey that will allow them to reflect back to the start of selling up and realising that Yes It was all worth itClicking below will take you to their blog which I have added to our Best of Blog pageBy clicking on to their blog it will allow you to subscribe so you will get updates as and when there added and I highly recommend that you doThey are hoping to start the NC500 around about Tuesday of this Week so get in and subscribeI hope they have a terrific trip and the weather is kind to themAll the Best David and Anne

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