Well after surpassing the 100 subscribers what better way to celebrate than with our Great New Car StickersHopefully if enough buy them it will help with the costs of running this site as I have kept costs to a bear minimum as am here to hopefully share as much info about the route as opposed to being on my way to become a millionaire (sadly)But truthfully getting exposure and publicity is the hardest part and I am grateful some have stuck it outWe have much more to come and some great features some have been suggested by you guys & Gals as well so please keep the feedback in the comments sectionThis site will hopefully contain much more than any other and it WILL always be FREEIt did anger me when my first site was quickly closed down for infringing the new trademark of the NC500 or The North Coast 500.  Such a thing has taken away any extra profit the locals who were selling there own merchandise as now that is not longer possible. I am also sure the company behind the trademarks will pass nothing back to the route but be happy to make a big fat profitThat's my Rant over thanks for being here and long may you stay

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And Lang may your Lum Reek