I would like to send everyone who has subscribed a BIG thank you for sticking by whilst this is put togetherAs I said from the outset my aim was to have one place for all the requirements for people to find out what they need to travel the NC500 or the North Coast 500 or Scotlands Route 66What ever you call it it is without doubt one of the greatest Road trips anyone could participate inIt has so much to offer and am sure that over the next few years it will grow as the local people and authorities grasp what they have for them and future generationsFor so long the Highlands have suffered the loss of so many of its young folk as they left to find work for themselves and families. With the demise of the fishing industry and so many more companies deciding to relocate elsewhere the Highlands have been crying out for new revenue and lo and behold the answer was all around themYes it will have its critics it always will but not to grasp the NC500 would to my mind be a disaster to the whole Highland economy and its peopleOn certain Facebook sites dedicated to the NC500 there are a few locals whom seen hell bent on knocking back every "Tourist" when they ask questions. Sadly some of the remarks are disgusting and its such a shame that for the sake of a few it may tarnish the majority of Highlanders who Welcome with open arms those who wish to visit or LandBut we could rant about that all dayToday is about you one for subscribing and two for hanging aroundI say again this site is for you your friends and anyone seeking information and unlike the "Official North Coast 500" website not matter how big this site grow there is NO membership and never will be just subscribe and join in we love feedback positive or negative and are open to all ideas on how to improveSo for the First 100 plus now that have subscribed THANKYOU that's what make its enjoyable......YOU