Carrying on from a post yesterday where we highlighted the story of the Aberdeenshire Company had been told to stop selling a jacket they named after Glencoe 30 years ago by the NTS. It was all todo with the NTS trademarking one of Scotlands most iconic and world famous areas. Now as said before I understand that out national areas castle arts etc must be protected but why after all these years is there a sudden need to Trademark everything which I thought was Ours The Peoples? Then I remembered there is money in them Hills of Scotland and someone wants there mitts on it... Well it has now taken an even bigger and more worrying twist! Have you ever taken a photo of an iconic view in Scotland well you too could be in for prosecution? Don't believe me well heres an interesting article that may make you think twice or like me dam bloody angry that some big man thinks he can take away what belongs to the People

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