Some may have already noticed but today we added a new page to the Menu.

NC500 News.

Rather than clutter the Blog page up with stories that are from News articles we decided to keep them apartSo every time there is a News Story relating to the North Coast 500 albeit some may not have too much of a dealing with the Route but still of interest to this who live on it. It is in the News Stories that we will also pin updates on the Likely hood of being able to view the Northern lights so if your interested you will get an email to let you know every timeSo from now on there are two separate ares The Blog which is not News and then the News Page which is quite simple reallySo Hop on in and catch the latest News stories with my own personal opinion from time to time you have your own wether you agree or disagree that's human nature so don't take offence

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Scotlands Route 66 News