"The North Coast 500 is far but Bland and forgetableHere is a wee Piece by Chloe Hamilton that appeared in the iNews an online Newspaper for a better way to explain itThe site itself is a great News site and a real change from the run of the mill BBC or ITVWhat thankfully Chloe was referring to was when she did the North Coast 500 and started her journey with a taste of the Official North Cost 500 beerThankfully that experience although not very tasteful she does go on and explain her trip in a rather quick and well explained way.  Like lots of people she appears to have covered the West coast and before you know it she is back in InvernessI wish people would not just travel the route just for the scenic West Coast as the rest of the route if they bothered to plan and do there homework before the leave would make the whole experience certainly much more unforgettable than most find itClick Below to Read Chloe's Article