1. photos
As the Year Passes and a New Year dawns like many things we all hope for a better year not just for ourselves but for those less fortunate than us.I have had a Ball creating this site initially for myself but then it got a few likes and a few subscribers which I am are truly grateful for. There is nothing better than knowing someone somewhere appreciates what your trying to do with the obvious exception than the money makers at NC500  (Official).I will be doing the trip as I mentioned next July/August.For me it's personal but it's something I want to share I want folk to know just what the Highlands are about why it is there and what it looks like for so many reasons.To be able to create this site and being able to do the Route is a luxury that many millions in this World through War Starvation abuse racism the terrible list goes on and on are unable to even contemplate I am grateful for what I have and we all should be.Over the past 10 months Have asked folk for photos they have taken on the route as I want the photo gallery to be up to date and not showing photos from years ago.I created a wee video in recognition of their kindness to allow me to share their photos.There are too many to mention and I love every single one. Looking at them makes me so desperate to see what they saw so so much.  Again Thanks.

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