Scotlands Route 66

Maps that are more than Maps

We have firmly believed that for folk planning the North Coast 500 or any other trip around the Highlands there is one tool that will help them more than others. Maps without doubt you need a good map and thats what we decided to work onThere are plenty Facebook pages that offer help and advice sometimes that advice can be a bit sarcastic which is not helpful and can put people offWe here highly recommend for facebook that you use the page NC500 - Accommodation Sights and Tips.Here you can find plenty of good friendly advice quickly and up to date in comparison to other facebook and online pagesObviously there are plenty online resources and we high recommend the 'Visit" pages like and Visit Inverness. These are just a few as there are plenty online from the likes of Visit Scotland etc the list is endlessSo we have taken more steps to try and help by the use of Scotland's Route 66 MapsIf you visit our Map section you will see our first New one Scotlands Route 66 and below all our Old MapsWe intend to replace all the old maps with the New typeWith the New Map type we will add Markers where the business Owners can themselves change the info that way things can be up to dateWe also have the ability not to just add photos but videos as well making the Map experience much more interactiveIt will take a few weeks to roll it all out but we are sure you will find these Maps more than Just a MapFinally if anyone has any suggestions we love to hear from you as all were trying to do is Help the Visitor to have abetter experience and the Local who whats to give the Best ExperienceHelp us to Help You and Them its Better to work together and we are more than happy to do thatScotlands Route 66 "