A Love Story Close to Home

This post is obviously not connected with the Route but is dam close and as its Valentines why Not I sayToday being Valentine's Day it is not often I read an article that pulls at my Heart stringsToday changed that to the point that this authors book is now on orderIt appeared in the Scotsman Newspaper and concerned a chap called Matt Hopwood who has written a book all about One Man's 500 Miles Journey around ScotlandHe has titled the Book A Human Love Story - Journeys to the HeartWhat got me about this book is the obvious Scottish connection but more so how he relates to his Parents and how they showed each other Love even down to saying "I Love You" or not as the case maybeI see so much of my life and the relationship I had with my parents in the short piece that the Scotsman Newspaper coveredHow the author appears to explain Love and how he takes you on his journey is something elseAt one point he writes "I’ve never said to my mum ‘I love you’ and my mum has never said it to me. I know she loves me but I’ve never heard those words. My mum’s 83 now so you know I don’t know how much longer I’ll have her. I mean every time I leave her I give her a big cuddle but I can’t say those words."I think there are many guys who sadly share that exact opinionScotlands Route 66Another point he makes which I agree totally is "A lot of young people when they reach 17 and 18 put their heads down and go to Glasgow and become part of that scene. But almost all of them still look to the islands as home. And people may be away for 16 or 17 years or even 30 years but the islands are still their home."This book I feels a lot to offer for many reasons and I think many folk will want to buy itRead more at: https://www.scotsman.com/news/one-man-s-500-miles-journey-around-scotland-in-search-of-love-stories-1-4688846I myself look forward to reading this book and as I said so close to my heart and I assume many folk especially Men of a similar age group. 50+ on a good day lol "