Reaching Out To You

Yes Folks I am skint I want your Money…….NOTNa we are looking for help from someone but we don't know who but maybe it is you or someone else.We are always looking ahead and always looking at ways to improve the website whether it be through content or design.A Future update will include a fab redesign of our site and initial looks are stunning.Trouble is we need help and only someone out there can Help.Whoever that is will be given full credit on the site for being a Fabby Person. Sadly no knighthood yet.We are seeking a Photo that will be our Backdrop for our Home Page.This is not just any photo so no Mother-in-Laws or pets please.We Want a Photo that is of the Landscape of the Route. It must be at least 1600 x 1200.The Photo must be yours and given to us with permission.And Finally it must be STUNNING.We alway Promise to keep this site FREE and for everyone but occasionally we need a bit of help.We know there are lots of friends here that have given fab Photos before wether they are from Gairloch England Wick or even our Italian Friends.  Surely one of you have our Dream Photo..