"Sadly it is claimed that the Worlds Worst Attack has occurred in Scotland. Thankfully we are only referring to the Midge! Yes the Great Scottish midge has apparent attack a Walker on the West Coast.  With the Walker stuck inside his tent and wearing full midge protective netting the poor chap was stuck and at the mercy of the wee buggersFemale midges tend to bite in close proximity to their breeding site (although they have been found up to 1 km away) and near to the ground. They are most active just before dawn and sunset but bite at any time of day. Midges are less active with wind speeds of over 6 mph or humidity below 60-75%Midges tend to hate dry cloudless conditions and are thus prevalent in humid wet and cloudy conditions. Rain does not put them off nor does darkness. However they tend not to go into houses or buildings but will enter tentsYou can always check the Midge Forecast if you wish.   Click HereYou can read the full article of this massive attack by these wee little midges so if your travelling to Scotland don't take them lightly as you may regret it .......dearly

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