In the News today I read a story concerning the Scottish Isles that are to have a Scottish Islands Passport to boost tourism to the country’s 93 inhabited islands much like an NC500 for the islesThis current initiative is to be investigated and rolled out if it feels it is feasibleThey say that a passport could be issued to everyone in Scotland to try and encourage them to visit as many islands over their lifetime.  (First thoughts on that part was what a waste of money and who would be paying for such a thing.)They also feel that these can issued to visitors and encourage them alsoMy concern is that this may encourage larger businesses to jump onboard and the smaller and local businesses that without a large advertising pocket will be left behindThe North Coast 500 also have a passport where visitors are offered discounts when visiting certain places/attractions but these all tend to be Large companies.  And I assume the Islands will follow that trend and again the wee man is left outIt is vital and important to look at all ways to encourage visitors to the whole of Scotland and I for one certainly back it all the wayI assume many people will initially ask who is to paying and who will benefit from such a scheme and where does the monies come from to reinvest back into the infrastructureThey can have as many initiatives as they wish but I never see or read about how these schemes will put money back int the Roads and public toiletsCurrently most roads in Scotland are in a bad way with potholesAlready we have the Highland council voting to close most of their the public toilets that remainIf the Highland Council is not seen to be prepared to invest in its own infrastructure then with all the bird Brained schemes who isRead the article yourself and make your own opinion

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