Road Trip 2018

Scotlands Route 66 Road Trip
Hamish and Son 2018

Road Trip 2018

    Well now that summer is nigh on over, we reflect back on a Journey that has really been in the making for some considerable time. On our trip we experienced so much good and so little bad that we thought now its time to share it with everyone. Over the last few years and since the ...

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Clockwise   Travelling the Route is a personal thing, and the way you go is that also. Many people say to travel anti-clockwise as that way you leave the Best (scenery) till last. Although this is true it depends on you, no one else. If your driving, the advantage of going clockwise is...

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Why We Chose 2018

    The North Coast 500, Why do it.     From the start of this website I have always said, the reason for doing it was personal, and for me it was always going to be  'More Than Just a Journey'.             For just over a year no...

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Day One 2018

    After many years of wishing to go back to some of the places that hold many memories, today is the day.   This, as I said before is a trip in memory of days gone by with my own father and now I want to revisit some of the places he took me, all that 45 years or so ago, ...

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Day Two 2018

      Day Two   It is 6am and we are up and the coffee is on the make.   We have showered and the sun is rising on another beautiful day in the Scottish Highlands as we get ready to commence Day Two.     We have camped overnight at the Wee Campsite where...

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